No-code development

More efficienty, faster and more agility

SOWEDO has embraced no-code for the development of web applications. We help businesses to work faster and more pleasantly via the no-code platforms. This provides many benefits, such as: higher productivity, faster innovation, and more agility.

We are a strategic partner of WEM, the Dutch no-code development platform. With WEM, we are able to create applications without programming. This no-code platform is a disruptive technology that is completely business-driven and turns IT into a commodity. WEM is one of the most progressive technology companies in the current market,  and we have already delivered many great projects for various organizations using their platform.

SOWEDO no-code WEM development

Model your processes

We automate business processes with no-code. Therefore, you need very limited programming knowledge to model applications. No-code modeling is based entirely on process flows. If your business process changes, the application will easily change accordingly. The possibilities are practically endless, and you can use it for every market and every application.

Security of your data

The no-code platform we work with meets the highest security and privacy standards. This is essential for certain market segments that we serve: insurance companies, healthcare organizations, hospitals, etc.

The platform is cloud-based and is hosted at the Dutch hosting provider CloudVPS. More and more companies and government institutions store their business-sensitive data in the cloud. That’s why hosting parties have a clear need for certain standards and certifications to guarantee a minimum service level. In addition to ISO9001 and NEN7510, CloudVPS has the necessary certification to ensure the security of your data in the cloud.

Cloud architecture options

Due to the multi-cloud options of open-source software Kubernetes, you can opt forimplementation ina private cloud or in the public cloud. In addition, an on-premises installation is also possible.

With no-code, you have full control over your application lifecycle with a continuous process of development, testing, implementation and maintenance. No-code also provides endless possibilities in terms of functionalities of your application. You can read, create and send documents of any size. In addition, you can easily create dashboards and automate your business processes in no time.

Digital transformation

The digital world is changing rapidly. What is new today, may be outdated tomorrow. Continuously investing in the maintenance and development of an existing system will simply become too expensive for your business in the long run. By using a no-code platform, you can respond quickly and efficiently to the rapid technological changes. No-code development is 10x faster than traditional software development strategies and saves up to 80% of the cost.

Our collaborative platforms

We help companies to work more efficiently, faster, and more pleasantly with no-code platforms and other software. This results in higher productivity, faster innovation, better quality, higher customer satisfaction, more agility, and happier employees.

5 most frequently asked questions about no-code

5 most frequently asked questions about no-code

At SOWEDO, we regularly receive questions about no-code development and its applications. We have made an overview of the most frequently asked questions with a concise answer to each of them.

Do you want to know more, or do you have a different question? Feel free to contact us.

1. What is no-code?

No-code development is a software development method through which everyone can create applications, websites, and interfaces, with or without prior programming experience.

No-code combines drag-and-drop components and visual editors so you can easily link data sources and user interfaces.  

2. What is the difference between no-code and low-code?

No-code and low-code are both software development methods that can be used without a technical background. The difference is that no-code applications are generated automatically based on models previously built by software developers or designers, while low-code always requires some programming to be able to visualize the application.

3. What applications can you develop with no-code?

No-code allows you to build websites, apps, and operating systems without the need to write complex code. It doesn’t matter if you want to build a website chock-full of information, or a complex platform for databases, security, money transactions and other back-office functionalities; with no-code development you can make any system you need.

4. Can anyone work with no-code?

With no-code anyone can build an application, website, or interface, regardless of their programming knowledge or experience level.

5. What are the biggest advantages of no-code?

By using no-code development, you can develop your application up to 10x faster and save up to 80% of the cost. Their flexibility and accessibility makes no-code platforms remarkably scaleable and easy to expand.


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