Marketing life cycle

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Approach a specific customer group of your internal clients personally and effectively? We assist your company in sending the correct and relevant information with effective marketing automation.

What is marketing life cycle?

Marketing life cycle is the complete process of personalized customer communication, based on quantifiable results of previous marketing messages and strategies. To build stronger relationships with customers, you need to understand the different stages customers go through in engaging with your brand. And at every stage you have to offer the highest value. This allows you to generate (more) income and retention in the long term.

All customers go through a series of phases, a cycle, during their relationship with your brand. We specialize in understanding and mapping this cycle: the marketing life cycle. This way, we can coordinate the best marketing strategies with you.

The benefits of marketing life cycle

The main benefits of customer life cycle marketing are increased customer engagement, monetization, retention and loyalty. Customers who are approached in a personalized way have a more positive experience, which keeps them with your brand, even when your competitors try to snatch them away.

No one likes being flooded with irrelevant emails, texts, and ads. We ensure that we provide more relevant, timely and emotionally intelligent communications that make customers feel understood and valued. When your company succeeds in delivering real value, customers will respond faster and feel a stronger connection to your brand. In the long term, this leads to more brand loyalty and ultimately to a higher customer lifetime value.


The next step is one-to-one personalized customer communication. It requires us to dive much deeper into your customer data. This provides the insights you need for your desired level of emotionally intelligent customer marketing. As a result, your brand will become the favorite brand of customers and they will never consider leaving you.

It is a great challenge to apply one-to-one personalized communication on a large scale, but it has already been achieved through recent developments in technologies. Think predictive customer modeling, dynamic customer micro-segmentation, multichannel campaign automation, and AI-driven campaign optimization.

SOWEDO has mastered all these techniques so that we can support you in every stage of your life cycle marketing.

Customer loyalty

Customer loyalty is an ongoing relationship between an organization and the customer that manifests itself in the degree to which a customer is willing to commit and make repeated purchases of products or services.

Our collaborative platforms

We help companies to work more efficiently, faster, and more pleasantly with (no-code) platforms and other software. This results in higher productivity, faster innovation, better quality, higher customer satisfaction, more agility, and happier employees.


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