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Who we are

SOWEDO has over 25 years of experience in smart and innovative data-driven software solutions and solutions for customer communication questions.

Technological developments is happening at lightning speed. In order to stay current,  we mainly focus on no-code development at SOWEDO. With no-code platforms, we can establish powerful and innovative applications in no time. These applications allow you to get the most out of your business and ensure that you will leave a long-lasting impression on your customers.  Additionally, we can support you to reach your business goals in the fields of hardcode development, robotic process automation and lifecycle marketing.

To us, it's all about 'doing it together'. We are personally involved and celebrate your successes as our own. Not just once, but for the long term.  We are happy to grow with you, and along the way, we want to unburden you as much as possible, so that you can focus on creating value with your business. Our approach is professional and no-nonsense. That's how we do at SOWEDO.

What we stand for

What we stand for

Creativity, guts, ambition, and fun combined with an open and transparent corporate culture, that is what SOWEDO is all about. We focus on opportunities, push the boundaries, enjoy an open and honest atmosphere, and we pride ourselves on standing out from the crowd.

We always find something new to learn and continue to discover new things. Not because someone asked us to improve, but because it’s part of our DNA. Professional development is part of our daily practice. We are constantly on the lookout for new techniques and learn from and with each other and our clients.

It's all about balance (and the environment)

Fun, that's what it's all about at SOWEDO. We ensure a balanced work environment, with care for employee health, the society, and the environment. Providing opportunities for professional and personal growth guarantees durable enjoyment of our employees. We are open and honest with each other. We believe that you go faster on your own, but together we achieve more.

Pushing boundaries

We are hardworking and like to do a little better every day. That’s what we accomplish by growing, sharing knowledge and continuously looking for improvements. We use our creativity and experience to optimize our collaborations. We push boundaries by incorporating the latest technologies, just because we can.


Critical thinking, while recognizing opportunities and possibilities. With a solution-oriented team, we go straight for the target, instead of avoiding it unnecessarily. And so, we only stop once we have blown you away!


SOWEDO collaborates with a select number of partners. These are valuable parties that provide us with systems, services and knowledge. This enables us to offer you a complete package of solutions to achieve your business ambitions to the maximum extent.

We actively collaborate with, among others, the following partners: Microsoft, WEM, Sales Force, Spotler, Getronics.

We actively collaborate with



WEM is a Dutch development platform that you can use to build your desired applications. These range from basic applications to complex applications that handle critical business processes. WEM's environment is completely web-based and is specifically designed for web and mobile development. It offers you the opportunity to scale your application for browser use and adapt it to different mobile formats. In WEM, you model applications by creating a network of flowcharts. This allows you to set up your data processing with and without user interaction.

Create your own custom applications

ZoomBIM, the company behind WEM, has been established over 20 years ago and started building the WEM platform about 15 years ago. The primary goal at the time was to enable application developers to quickly and cost-efficiently develop applications for customers based on the customer process. The platform has evolved to such an extensive and accessible tool that anyone can work with it. This way you can model your own organizational processes into custom applications.


To build your applications, you use the user-friendly WEM Modeler. Through a drag-and-drop interface, you simply drag the various events (called 'nodes' within WEM) onto the flowchart canvas. These events or nodes include actions such as adding data to a list and displaying a screen. They are connected to each other via arrows, which are called 'exits'. Next, you link buttons and form fields to these exits on a template of an interaction screen of your application. These allow users to interact with your application. In this way, you compile the flow or routing that the end users (employees or customers) of your application will follow.

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