Hardcode development

Agility with the power of Microsoft

In addition to no-code development, we also develop special custom applications for your business ina traditional way via hardcoded platforms. We are a Microsoft Partner and our passionate development team specializes in developing applications with, and has knowledge of .NET, Java, React, Angular and Nodejs.

Traditional vs. No-code

Traditional development refers to working with an entire team of developers and programmers to create custom software code for an application to meet specified requirements. Where no-code development platforms allow users to quickly develop apps using drag-and-drop interfaces, traditional development uses conventional development methods to create powerful applications to meet your business needs.

Hybrid development

The best of both worlds

No-code and hardcode are two different approaches to application development. Both have strengths and weaknesses. At SOWEDO, we don’t always think it is necessary to stick to one approach. To achieve the optimal result for your business, we can integrate both development techniques.

Advantages and disadvantages of traditional development

Traditional development (or custom software development) involves manual coding. Nowadays you can use ready-made code, open source libraries, and other code fragments that speed up the development of an application. However, traditional development still requires developers to write code to make a functional app. The advantages and disadvantages of traditional development are:

+ High degree of flexibility

You can modify the code as you like. You can build almost any function and any integration is possible. When we create a custom application, we are free to use any technology, tooling, hosting and/or API.

+ Complete control

Because it has been developed entirely in-house, we have access to the source code. This provides  full control over the architecture, security, and integrability of the application, among other things.

+ Easy to manage

Creating a custom application requires a well-defined, established development process. In programming, you usually also expect best practices for DevOps implementation. This ensures that you can easily maintain, update and release the application for use.

- Could be more expensive

An often-heard disadvantage of traditional development is that it takes more time, and therefore more money. For each project, we evaluate which technique is the best and most efficient to achieve the desired results.

In which cases is traditional development the best option?

  • Development of an application with complex logic for a specific market
  • Development of a digital solution with a long-term perspective, which allows you to spread costs better
  • Integration of applications into other systems; the flexibility of traditional development makes it easier to make the necessary adjustments in other systems
  • When full ownership of the software and the code behind it is desired


.NET is a framework created by Microsoft, which you pronounce as dotnet. The associated programming languages include c++ and C#. You can use this to create a variety of applications. The framework has been established to make it easier to realize back-end applications. This is because the framework contains a lot of shared code, which takes a lot of work off a developer's hands.

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We help companies to work more efficiently, faster, and more pleasantly with no-code platforms and other software. This results in higher productivity, faster innovation, better quality, higher customer satisfaction, more agility, and happier employees.


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