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Evidensia focuses on healthy pets and happy owners. The organization sets up and connects a network of clinics to provide the most advanced specialist care. The European company was founded in 2011, started in the Netherlands in 2016 and is now operational in 12 countries. In 2023, Evidensia will grow in the Netherlands by 50 clinics, so that the total number of affiliated veterinary clinics here will be almost 300 by the end of the year.

Evidensia centralizes and manages various processes for the clinics. Think of financial administration, human resources, purchasing and automation. This allows the clinics to fully focus on the care of the pets. Because that's what it's all about after all!

However, Evidensia still worked with an old system in which individual requests from users were passed on to an external IT party based on tickets. This guaranteed long lead times... There had to be another way.

That is why Evidensia contacted SOWEDO and asked us to come up with a solution that would allow clinics to manage users and their roles/rights themselves, as well as to order the necessary Microsoft licenses.

"Thanks to Sowedo, we now have a solution in which we are no longer dependent on an external party, but with which we ourselves are able to assign users and roles quickly and efficiently"

Mark Holtkamp

Director of IT

The solution

In collaboration with Evidensia, we developed a tailor-made portal in the no-code platform WEM that we linked to Microsoft Azure AD. We also ensured that Microsoft Office365, via the MS Graph API, was linked to AFAS for the necessary employee data at the clinics and to ALSO so that the clinics can automatically order additional licenses when they are used up in Office365.

The result

With this new solution, the clinics affiliated with Evidensia are able to assign users and roles themselves quickly and efficiently. They are therefore no longer dependent on an external party with associated long lead times. The software is now in use in 5 of the 12 countries and will be fully rolled out in the course of the year.


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