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Bluebiz is the business loyalty program of Air France, KLM and partner airlines. This program is especially designed for companies that regularly book business trips with Air France, KLM and Delta Air Lines.

Companies that often book business trips naturally benefit greatly from everything running smoothly. The extensive package of Bluebiz benefits has been specially developed to make this possible. The companies save blue credits with every ticket flown. They can exchange these for tickets, upgrades and flight-related services. This way they immediately save on their travel budget.

The major challenge in this global savings program was the realization of a website for multiple countries, in multiple languages and for multiple currencies. But personalized. Air France-KLM wanted a website that personally welcomes program participants and where there is a seamless integration between the e-mail campaigns and the airline's supporting website. Everything for an optimal customer experience.

"Through our personalized EPI website, thousands of service requests per month are seamlessly processed through workflows. As a result, our customer satisfaction has been able to take a big leap."

The solution

Sowedo and Bluebiz already have a long history with each other. We have been serving them for years with both the provision of websites and lifecycle management services. We therefore knew the organization well and dived into the possibilities to meet their wishes as best as possible. We found the solution for Bluebiz in a CMS from EPI Systems for the desired website and the use of Sales Force Marketing Cloud for email marketing.

EPI offers the functionality that Air France-KLM was looking for, such as a modular corporate CMS with the space to realize your own wishes in the form of customization. We have set up the website and are continuously working with Air France-KLM on further improvements and additions.

We've made sure that Sales Force Marketing Cloud integrates seamlessly with the EPI website, putting airline customers at the center of all their information needs.

The result

The result achieved is an EPI website that has been functioning satisfactorily for several years now. In addition, the website contains workflows for processing the service requests. The website seamlessly processes thousands of customer requests per month through these workflows. For example, the satisfaction of Air France-KLM's business customers has taken a big leap.


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